Mar 01, 2016
Laura Begg
The Adult School

The Adult School - originally of Chatham, Madison and Florham Park, opened a branch in Bernards Township in support of lifelong learning opportunities for residents of the Township and the surrounding areas. The Adult School is a community organization, originally founded is 1937 as one of the first independent education organizations in New Jersey. The Bernards branch is situated at Ridge High School through the generous donation of space as approved by our Board of Education and Superintendent.  The sharing of space benefits taxpayers, including those who may no longer have students utilizing the school, but who wish to remain in a community rich with learning opportunities. 

From inception (2011) to pilot phase in 2012 to the present, TAS has continually increased participation in our area through offering of a vast array of programs - including lecture series, technology courses, language and ESL classes, a variety of craft and art programs. Hundreds of our local residents have benefited from attending classes at the school in the last four years.

Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality, life -long programs that are interesting, informative, useful and fun - and to continue to make an impact in the community through sharing information and resources, receiving input to develop our course curriculum, and partnering with local businesses and organizations to best service the needs of the public.  Not only do we serve the community through educating, but we also have many members of our community actually teach the courses offered.

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Kristine Leopold, Director